About the Project SAEL Team

Dr. Julie Whitlow,
Director of Project SAEL

Julie Whitlow is a professor in the English department at Salem State University where she co-coordinates the master of arts in teaching English as a second language. She has taught ESL in Morocco as a Peace Corps volunteer and in Portugal. She has done teacher training in Nicaragua as a Fulbright Scholar. Her main research interests are in second language writing and sociolinguistics. She lives in Salem with her partner and their two daughters.

Omar Sekou Longus, Program Coordinator

Omar Longus received his bachelor of arts from Tufts University in international relations in 2008 and has been working in education in the Salem area ever since. He
completed his master of arts in teaching ESL at Salem State University in 2013. He has also taught bi-weekly Adult ESOL night classes at Salem High School on-and-off since 2010. He also lives in Salem.

Gillssen Green, Student Services Coordinator

Gillissen Green is a professor in the English Department at Salem State University where she teaches composition to English Language Learners. She has also taught in the ESL program at Salem State, and teaches French independently. She has a master's degree in international education. She lives in Newburyport with her husband and two sons.