3 Pieces of advice...

posted Sep 9, 2012, 4:39 PM by Omar Longus   [ updated Dec 14, 2012, 10:29 AM ]
Here are 3 pieces of advice that should help you throughout your studies:
  1. Save Everything - Saving all of your work will help you to stay organized. This is important when you want to look back and reflect on your learning, draw inspiration from previous work, or complete a portfolio showcasing all you have done. In classes with online postings, typing your responses in a Word document and saving them before posting can keep you from making mistakes and losing your work when classes end.
  2. Backup Everything - Computers are wonderful, but unreliable. Losing your work due to technical difficulties is among the most frustrating experiences a student can have. Using usb flash sticks or an online storage drive like Dropbox can save you potential frustration.
  3. Prioritize and Plan Ahead - Balancing school, work, and life is challenging. Usually the first week of classes is not as intensive as when the semester picks up. The start of each new semester is a good time to look at the syllabus and begin to plan how and when you will complete your work. If you know one week will be particularly stressful, talk with your professors and do your best to prepare ahead of time.

I will post more tips here regularly and encourage everyone to share strategies that work for you with the group.