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Please read and refer back to this page for important information about Project SAEL.

Use Salem State Resources

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As a student at Salem State, you have a wide array of resources available to you. For example:
  • Student Navigator Center - Within the center the offices of the bursar, ClipperCard, financial aid, and the registrar are housed making it a simple, one-stop location for students to complete all of their business needs.
  • Student Groups & Clubs - Groups and clubs are a way to connect with people with shared interests, and if there isn't one you like, start your own.
  • Academic Support Resources - Salem State's academic resources can help you with improving your writing, getting subject tutoring for specific classes, or preparing for the MTELs among other services.
  • The Salem State University Library - The library has a large collection of scholarly books, periodicals and media, with access to nearly 170,000 volumes in a nearby storage facility. This is in addition to an expanding collection of electronic resources covering the full array of academic disciplines for online research. The librarians are always willing to help, and they hold workshops to help students learn how to use the library's services.
  • The Salem State ClipperCard - Your ClipperCard gives you access to a whole range of campus services and privileges, in addition to local and student discounts. It is the official ID card for every student, staff and faculty member of the Salem State community.
  • The ITS Help Desk & Laptop Repair Center - In addition to helping troubleshoot your technical issues, Information Technology Services has a large Software Library to provide students, staff, and faculty with the latest software. The great news is that most of it is free!

However, the most important resource available to you are people. Your peers can let you know about discounts on books, what professors to take, or how to navigate the campus. If you ask for help, most of your professors will work with you to make sure you succeed. Lastly, we at Project SAEL will work to do a little bit  of everything in order to ensure your experience at Salem State is enjoyable and valuable to your career.


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Welcome to Project SAEL! Please bookmark this website because we will be posting important information about the program regularly.

To bookmark this website:
  1. Click the Home button
  2. Press Ctrl+D on PCs or Command key icon+D/apple logo+D on Macs
  3. Press enter on PCs or return on Macs

If these directions are hard to follow find out more information about how to bookmark a website for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari in the links provided.

If you have any questions, or if find any interesting information about ESL or ELLs, please email us at so we can answer your questions or share your discoveries for everyone in the program.

Registering for classes

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When you register for classes your account will be charged. However, you do not need to worry about this charge. The Bursar's Office will review all Project SAEL student accounts after credits are "locked in." This is typically at the end of drop/add for day students and after a few weeks into the semester for evening and graduate students. You will continue to receive ebills until the SAEL funds have been applied to cover your classes.

In order to register for courses, log into your Navigator Account using the Salem State University website. If this is your first time registering, read the attached Course Registration Instructions.

Option 1
Use express registration and enter the Class Numbers of the courses you want to register for and click Add. You can find Class Nbrs for courses funded by Project SAEL in the Graduate ESL Licensure-Only program on our Graduate Course Offerings page.

Option 2
Use regular registration and select the term you are registering for. Enter the Class Number for the course you are applying for, or click the green search button and find the class you wish to register for by searching for it. Repeat the process for each course you want to register for.

If you are still having trouble contact us at or 978.542.2607, or contact the Registrar's Office. Have a great semester!

Campus Map

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Click the attachment below for an printable high-resolution pdf of the map.

Parking on Campus

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Parking can be an issue. There are available spaces located on Loring Avenue and Lafayette Street, but it can take time to find an open space. If you do not plan to buy a parking pass, we recommend arriving to class early throughout the semester until you have a solid estimate of how long it takes to find a free parking spot for your classes.

For those who plan to purchase a Salem State Parking Decal, contact the University Police Parking and Traffic Division. Their phone number is 978.542.6511. They can offer suggestions on what decals are most appropriate for your situation. More information about parking can be found on the university's parking webpage.

If you choose to purchase a decal, be aware that the commuter parking lots are a 5-10 minute walk away from the Sullivan Building and Meier Hall, where many of your classes will be held, so still plan to arrive early.

Creating a Plan of Study

posted Dec 13, 2012, 7:51 AM by Omar Longus   [ updated Jun 18, 2015, 8:43 AM ]

Undergraduate students need to schedule an appointment with us upon being selected for the program. We will meet to determine an immediate plan of action and begin the process of creating a plan of study.

Graduate students
need to meet with Dr. Whitlow to create a Plan of Study. Click the following link to view the courses required in the
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Licensure-Only program. They are:

Required Courses
  •     EDU 791N/ENG 770N - Theories and Principles in TESOL
  •     EDU 792/ENG 792 - Methods and Approaches in TESOL
  •     EDU 794N/ENG 778N - Assessment of ELLs
  •     ENG 776 - Linguistics for Language Teachers
  •     EDS 860/ ENG 860 - Sheltering Content for ELLs
  •     EDU 779 - Seminar in TESOL


  •     EDU 796N - Graduate Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language
  •     EDU 796A - Half-Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language

A variety of courses will be offered during the fall, spring and summer each year. Project SAEL will fund courses during each semester, and the summer sessions. Required courses may be substituted on an individual basis by students who have completed equivalent courses at Salem State University or another institution.

We will also be open to funding additional relevant coursework that is not required to complete the licensure program, but is relevant to teaching ELLs.These courses are written in blue and denoted with an asterisk* on the Graduate Course Offerings page.

Forwarding emails from your Salem State account to your personal account

posted Dec 13, 2012, 7:50 AM by Omar Longus   [ updated Mar 13, 2015, 4:10 PM ]

A problem facing many students is managing multiple email accounts. One way of staying on top of all of your emails is having Salem State emails forwarded to your personal account. This video does a great job of illustrating how to link your email accounts: Microsoft Office 365 email forwarding configuration.

If you have not logged into your Salem State email, find instructions for how to do so here.

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